Friday, February 19, 2010

Age to rent a hotel room in Texas?

im 18yrs old and live in San Antonio. my friend told me i can rent a hotel room, but when i lived in illinois i think it was 21.

i want it for one night, or so.

is it 18 or are there special conditions, if so what are they?Age to rent a hotel room in Texas?
you can be 18Age to rent a hotel room in Texas?
You can rent a hotel at age 18. There is nothing that says you can't. The only way that it would matter is if a particular hotel has some type of strange rule. That 21 year old answer is wrong as could be.
You can rent a hotel room at 18, you are legally considered an adult.....

You should be able too, if not, then that hotel is just weird.
It is solely up to the hotel. Inquire about their policy.

I rented hotel rooms back when I was 19, but that was nearly 30 years ago. Society was a bit more... mature back then.
21 years old

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